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Green Deal Glasgow

If you are looking for an accredited Green Deal Provider and Installer in Glasgow, then look no further than local company, Green Deals Savings Ltd. As one of the leading Green Deal companies in Scotland we offer a brilliant service to homeowners, landlords, tenants and businesses looking to make their properties more energy efficient.

Green Deal Glasgow

Why do properties need assessing?

ALL properties need to be assessed using the Green Deal software programme and conducted by an accredited Green Deal Advisor or Assessor. They will need to visit your Glasgow property to collect information from you, as well as take an objective look at what could be improved to help you save money on your heating bills.

This assessment process produces a detailed report that shows you the best improvements to make that will give you the biggest savings on your heating bill.

The assessment must show that your property, with improvements, will meet the criteria of the ‘Golden Rule’.

The Golden Rule

The expected, potential savings on your heating bill must be more than the cost of the work.

This is great news as it means that you will be spending less on heating and paying back the Green Deal ‘loan’ quickly.

I have my report what do I do now?

Got your Green Deal Assessment for your Glasgow property? Bring it to us!

With your report, you can now visit an accredited Green Deal Provider, like us here at Green Deals Savings Ltd. We will discuss all the options and recommendations with you. We can then set up the Green Deal repayments with your electricity supplier.

Who will complete the work?

We are also an accredited Green Deal Installer, meaning we only use the highest quality materials. We carry out the work to the high standard set by the accreditation process but we also have stringent, in-house quality assessment too. We check all the work, right through the process.

Once the work is completed, you will start to make repayments through your electricity bill. What could be simpler?

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